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Forget the Football World Cup - I'm All In on the Rugby League Wheelchair Tournament.

Forget the Football World Cup - I'm All In on the Rugby League Wheelchair Tournament. - ArchieSoul Men

The men’s football world cup is just around the corner.  As an Englishman, by now I would studying medical books on the time it takes metatarsal injuries to heal.  The wall chart would be ready, plans made for missing work and beer gardens would be primed.  We know we are not going to win it, but that doesn’t matter and when we’re knocked out the heartache is still the same.  The feeling that we will never ever get over the feeling of another penalty miss.  Sod football, I’m off to cricket’.


The problem is I feel none of that with this world cup, the season has barely started, and it keeps being broken up by tedious international breaks every other week.  The world cup feels like a huge inconvenience and the cause for a lost summer of football.  That’s without the load of other issues to do with the hosts, and the build-up over the past twelve years.  I won’t get into the politics of it all, but it has all contributed to the lack of excitement which the world cup usually brings.


All of that said, I will be a hypocrite and watch it, especially England and Wales games, and no doubt I will be glued to Tunisia v Australia on a Saturday morning once it all gets going, but it won’t be the same.


We were going to run a world cup promotion throughout the duration of the tournament, but I stopped it for all the reasons said above.  Instead, we are running a great giveaway throughout November.  Any order placed in November will be entered into our massive prize draw to win the ultimate ArchieSoul Bundle worth over £400.  More details here.


It is wall to wall world cups now, with the twenty20 cricket, the rugby league (men’s and women’s), and the women’s rugby union world cup all taking place at the same time.  I’ll watch them all but the one that has really got my attention is the wheelchair rugby league world cup which I watched for the first time yesterday.  I don’t I’ve ever seen anything like it, end to end and absolutely brutal, body on body and metal on metal action. 

A hard fought but comfortable win for England, played in very good spirit at a million miles an hour.  Incredible stuff, and I am ALL IN on it!


The BBC are covering the tournament live and if you haven’t watched yet I would urge you to take a look, it will blow your mind.


England v Spain 6/11/22 – 12pm

England v Ireland 9/11/22 – 1:30pm


Final 18/11/22 – 7:30pm


We have a great Buy More Save More offer on at currently with the more you buy the more you save, some of our customers are stocking up with some mind-blowing discounts.  We will keep this going up until Christmas but be warned, stock is going fast!


Cheers All



ArchieSoul Men


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