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Quality Grooming from Across the Atlantic

Quality Grooming from Across the Atlantic - ArchieSoul Men

I've always had a love affair with the US and Canada.

It was probably the huge influence of American shows on British TV, from Knight Rider to the A-Team, most of the good movies were Hollywood blockbusters and as young scally kids we always seemed for play in American accents, never understood why.  The UK has always held its own with music but America in particular is a pop culture power house so it's not surprising that it's influence spread so far.

Every kid had their favourite American Football team and some of us followed Baseball and Basketball, Ice Hockey too.

Everything seemed so big over there, with sprawling cities and skyscrapers, the Grand Canyon and the vast plains of Canada and the mighty Niagara Falls.  So far away, yet also so familiar.

After spending some time in Ontario Canada I was amazed by the change of weather over the seasons, how can Southern Ontario bake in 40 degree C in the long summer and shiver at -20 in the winter?  The site of huge icicles hanging over Niagara Falls is a site to behold!

The other thing I noticed in Toronto and New York, was a simple yet classy style which portrayed a certain confidence of being very content in their own skin.  Proud of their nation, city and the diversity that both cities represent.

I have always been a fan of US grooming brands such as American Crew (love that stuff) and Anthony Logistics.  I've always said that you can tell the quality of a barber shop by the grooming products in the window.  If I see American Crew i know that the barber takes pride in his craft and it's a fair bet that he will also take pride in your hair cut.

When we got the opportunity to partner with other brands from 'across the pond' we jumped at the chance.  Our partner brands such as Walton Wood Farm (Buffalo & Ontario), Ace High (Michigan) and Duke Cannon (Minnesota) are just cool as......!

We are always looking for products where it is obvious that there is a load of passion in the maker of the products.  That shines through with products such as Ace High Hair Tonic, Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles Hand Balm, and Walton Wood Farms Solid Cologne range.

At ArchieSoul we only want to deal with products that look and smell great, with the uniqueness that we get from sourcing from so far away.

With the added bonus of knowing that men who shop with us are looking for that simple yet confident style that we are such great fans of.


Founder of ArchieSoul Ltd

P.S. Let's Go BlueJays!

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