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Beard Oils & Balms

You've worked hard on your beard, you've grown it, nurtured it, and watch it blossom from a child, through the angry adolescence phase and into a man.  You need to maintain your creation with truly exceptional beard products. 

These are no ordinary products!  

We are delighted to have partnered up with our Shropshire neighbours Darwins' Grooming, who produce an outstanding range of all natural beard oils and balms. 

Beard Oils & Balms | ArchieSoul Men
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Budweiser Beard Balm

Duke Cannon’s Great American Beard Balm: Finest ingredients, tame beard with shea & cocoa butter, Budweiser protein, cedarwood fragrance. Specs: lanolin, apricot kernel oil, organic cocoa butte.
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Plant based ingredients tames your mane & moisturize the skin, subtle, woodsy oak barrel scent inspired by the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Buy at ArchieSoul Men.

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