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About Us

We are based in the beautiful English county of Shropshire, and have had a passion for male grooming products for twenty years.  We believe that every man should have the opportunity to look and feel their best.  It is not just about slapping some aftershave on given to you as present by your lovely Nan.  It's about understanding what you are using and why.  The product that you choose is an extension of you and it needs to feel authentic to you. 

If it doesn't make you feel great then what is the point?

Our mission is to present a great range of products from our partner brands in the US and Canada (and elsewhere) for two reasons, firstly they are just very good at this stuff! Secondly, when you purchase from us you know that you are not getting any old run if the mill stuff that you can get anywhere.  The products that we sell will give you your own distinctive style and scent.  

In a world where it is harder to get noticed above the noise ArchieSoul is here to serve and through our products help you take charge of your grooming regime, increase your confidence and feel great both internally and externally.

In all our years of online retail experience we have always understood that the most important aspect of keeping a business alive and thriving is to truly understand our customers.  At ArchieSoul we strive to make every contact a positive one and make each one count.  Whether that is answering a question or dealing with a return.  

The most important person in the world is you when you reach out to us.  That has always been our philosophy and always will be.

We choose the brands that we work with carefully.  Most are small independent creators and all of them (regardless of size) care deeply about their products.  They all have a social conscious and values that match our own.

Here is the crucial bit, they would not work with us if they didn't believe in our mission and our approach to retail.

We are after all, selling the products that they created.

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