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Why Every Order is Treated With Maximum Care.

Why Every Order is Treated With Maximum Care. - ArchieSoul Men

Edit 21/12/22 - Since I wrote this in November we have had a number of parcels lost by Evri.  I am sorry to those customers who we subjected to this misery, we treat every single order with total care and expect that to be replicated by the delivery companies that we use.  Evri have let us down and we are not prepared to use them again, we are not putting the fate of this small business in the hands of this awful company. 

Evri can get in the bin (which incidentally is the same place they leave parcels). 

A little bit of a rant there. - Sorry.


I speak directly to a lot of our customers, and I read every message and item of feedback, what is always pleasing is the praise that we receive for the ease of ordering and the delivery of the ArchieSoul Men products.  For us it is jointly the most important thing to get right, alongside selling great products.   I thought I would write a few lines about what happens when you order and why we take the after sales process so seriously.


Imagine that you are in a shop, you have spent ages looking at products on the shelf, finally you pick up a product and take it to the counter to pay.  The product is in pristine and attractive packaging, and you can’t wait to get it home and start using it.  The sales assistant takes your money but before they hand it to you, they drop in on the floor, maybe tread on it a few times.  They hand you the now battered product in a flimsy plastic bag that breaks as soon as you leave the shop.  By now the product that was gleaming on the shelf is now battered, bruised and very different to the one that you were excited to take home.


You wouldn’t stand for that would you?  So why should shopping online be any different?


At ArchieSoul Men we want to get the product that you ordered to you as fast as possible in great condition, as if you had just bought it from a shop (not the one in the example above).  I detest poor service and we treat every single order the same, no matter how small or how large.


So, what happens when you press the order button?


  • The mobile phone pings, we do a little fist pump as another sale is recorded and the kids are closer to eating that week.
  • The products are picked as soon as possible, and often within ten minutes of the order arriving.
  • The products are packed in the appropriately sized box, we pack the box with tissue paper so that your products don’t rattle around in transit and get damaged. We can’t control what the couriers do at delivery, so we pack it in a way to give it maximum protection.  However, we do choose to not use Evri, so the chances of your parcel being drop kicked over your neighbours gate is greatly reduced.
  • The label is printed and attached to the parcel, tracking is added to your order, and you receive a notification that your order is ready to ship.
  • The order is sent off to the appropriate delivery company (not Evri), usually in the same day.


We use properly designed ecommerce boxes to ship the vast majority of our orders and very little (if any) plastic involved.  For a small item, we may use a small bubble wrap bag so that it can be posted through your letter box, if we need to use additional tape to seal your package, we use plastic free tape.  Plastic tape would look more attractive but there is no need for it.


On the rare occasion that there is a problem with delivery, we will contact the courier on your behalf to find out what is going on, usually it is just a delay but if not, we will always work with our customers to find the correct solution.


Personally, I love the look and feel of the products that we sell, so it is always a pleasure to pick and pack them, especially for new customers who don’t quite know what to expect at the other end.  I want them to feel genuine pleasure and even excitement to receive their order, after all we want them to come back again and again!


Founder - ArchieSoul Men


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