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Darwins Grooming Company

Darwins Grooming Company - ArchieSoul Men

At ArchieSoul Men we work hard to be very good partners to the brands that we sell, it certainly helps in getting what we need in the store, but it’s also a much more pleasant way to do business.  That means stepping up and helping out once and while, and we are very happy to oblige with our for friends at Darwins Grooming Company

When you are small company producing that amount outstanding male grooming product ethically and authentically, which Darwins do and manage life in general is hard.  So, with the founder renovating the new family home, a young child and a dog they have decided to take a step back from their direct to customer side of the business temporarily. 

Ben at Darwin asked if ArchieSoul Men could carry the baton and sell their products exclusively online during this sabbatical.  We were very happy to do that, so for the time being ArchieSoul Men is the only place to buy Darwins brilliant beard care products, natural diffusers and all natural deodorants online.  Like us, Darwins care passionately about the environment and creating a sustainable business, when you are surrounded by the countryside that we and Darwins are we see it everyday and want to preserve it. 

We are very clear that we will look after their brand, products, and their current online customers.  If you are already a Darwins online customer, you would have received an email from Ben directly which includes your exclusive code for buying Darwins products at ArchieSoul Men.

As well as supplying us they will also continue to supply the local brick and mortar stores and barber shops where they currently are.

We are also working on a very exciting partnership with Darwins which will bring a whole new range of products, all created with the same ethos and what we believe will be really on point.  More to come on that later in the year.

Check out our Darwins range here.


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