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It’s Becoming an Expensive World – Here’s How We Can Help.

It’s Becoming an Expensive World – Here’s How We Can Help. - ArchieSoul Men

Like many families we are concerned about the steep rise in the cost of living with fuel, heating, and food prices skyrocketing and set to get even worse.  Like many families we're also looking at where we can cut back and save, and what luxuries we can do without.  Don't get me wrong we are unlikely to have to choose between eating or heating, but many families will face that choice and if they haven’t already.  It was heartbreaking recently to hear a mother living in Britain having to buy ‘indoor coats’ to wear in the house so they could keep their thicker outdoor coats for the harsher weather outside.

At ArchieSoul Men we are acutely aware that our products are not the cheapest, and you could pick up a shower gel for £1 down the road, rather than spend the £12 to £13 on one of ours.  We know that during this cost-of-living crisis we may lose some customers, but I wanted to outline why our prices are higher and what you are paying for compared to the standard stuff that you get in the supermarket or on Amazon.  I also wanted to outline how we can help you save money.

  1. We probably don't charge enough to be honest!

Our products are premium, and many imported with all developed with sustainability in mind.  We promise that we will match the prices in the US as closely as possible, we add a small amount for shipping and duties, but what we won't do is charge over the odds to take advantage of our ‘exclusivity’ - that just wouldn't be right.

  1. Our products last longer

This isn't the watered-down crap that you can buy elsewhere for pennies.  We say in our pitch that we work with makers who care about their products and the end user experience.  That means that the entire chain, all the way to us is full of people who care and are working their hardest for the benefit of you guys.

Take the 8oz soaps from Walton Wood Farm, or the huge 10oz soaps from Duke Cannon, they will last you months.  The Duke Cannon THICK body wash is very THICK and you only need a drop on a sponge and it will lather up lovely.  One bottle will take an age to get through if used properly, and then there's the beard oils from Duke and Darwin's.  They are huge and not any more expensive than many other brands out there so you'll get in quality and quantity.

You could buy a cheap soap or bottle each week, or you could pay a little more once every couple of months to buy quality and feel great.

  1. Our premium products will save you money

Our premium accessory products are very classy and will save you money over the medium to long term.  The Barbarossa Brothers razors are awesome and they also come with a set of blades for free, so you know you're getting the very best kit for shaving. when you consider the cost of even the most basic razor blades these days it becomes a no brainer. 

  1. A genuine leather duffel bag is an investment.

The most expensive products that we sell are the Dotch Leather premium duffle bags, but even here you are saving money in the medium to long term.  Our range of bags is on a par with similar bags priced well over £100 more, in fact the Dotch bags are probably better! Handmade, unique, and very long lasting.  The thing with these bags is that as they age, they mature, and continue to look and smell expensive.  It's that little bit of luxury that we all need sometimes.

  1. Free postage and generous discounts

Take advantage of our free postage and our discount codes. Any orders £25 will qualify for free postage, again this probably should be a higher threshold compared to our rivals, but we feel that £25 feels about right.  We are also generous with our discount codes including the 20% off code for people signing up to our newsletter when the industry average is around 10%. We also offer generous follow up offers for existing customers, and even if you haven’t got a code if you ask me, I'm rarely going to turn you down.  That bit is buried towards the end!

  1. We look after our most regular and loyal customers

We really appreciate our customers, especially during these turbulent times and we want you to know that.  So, it may be a random discount code, or a free gift, but we always like to give something back.

ArchieSoul Men hasn’t reached its 1st birthday yet but we have had an amazing response. We are aware that the next few months could well be difficult but we will see it through and try and help our customers along the way as we go so look out for our special offers over the next few weeks.

Take Care


ArchieSoul Men.

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